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Traveling International? Best App Ever!

Traveling doesn’t really have anything to do with real estate (unless you are looking to purchase a home abroad – which we can help with), but our family just discovered the best, time-saving app for re-entering the USA and I just had to share it with you! It is called “Mobile Pass” and it literally saved my family at least 30 minutes when coming back to the US from a vacation to Mexico!

Go to your iPhone App store or Google Play and search “Mobile Passport” or click on this link for more info –

Before you come back into the USA (or you can set it up before you leave too) all you have to do is scan in your passport (and your family’s too). It’s super easy – it prompts you to take a picture of your passport and then imports all of your info. You then take a picture of yourself (no smiles, no hats, no glasses) and hit save.

When you are coming back into the US, open the app and select new trip. From there – follow the prompts to select the passengers (from the passports you uploaded) and then enter your flight info. It will take you through the questions you would normally answer on paper and then you hit submit.

I can’t speak for all airports, but I can speak for Denver International Airport. You will follow the signs that look just like the icon for your mobile passport app and breeze past everyone in line! It literally saved us 30 minutes at least! We showed up to baggage claim, grabbed our bags and were out of there before anyone else on our plane was even to baggage claim!! Did I mention we were in the very last row of the airplane??? So yes — even being the last ones off the plane we were still the first ones to get out of customs!

I hope you can use this for future travels and that it saves you as much time as it saved us!

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