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Buy Real Estate Overseas

Costa Rica, Ireland, Canada … which one will you be moving to?

Fly awayEvery election year is always a big year for Americans to buy real estate overseas. You’ve seen the posts on Facebook and clever advertising campaigns from Realtors across the country letting you know that if the election results make you want to move out of the country, they are there to help you sell … but let’s get serious for a moment.

Don’t sell your home in America and flee the country, rather keep your home here and look at buying a second (or third, or forth …) home in a place like Costa Rica, Ireland, Canada, or wherever else peaks your interest! Real estate is still and will always be a great investment … so continue to invest! Let your real estate investments grow your money and work for you!

Sure, the dream of fleeing the country might seem appealing right now, but I encourage you to think of the opportunity to expand your investments outside of the country … it could turn out to be a profitable opportunity for you and then when you need a break from the States or are ready to permanently make your home somewhere outside of the country, you are 10 steps ahead of everyone else!

So you can still contact The Scott Futa Home Team to sell your Colorado home AND if you want to consider purchasing something outside of the country as a second property you can call us too! We know Realtors all over the world and we can connect you with a professional that will help you accomplish your real estate goals and give you a nice place to get away to as well!

Call us today and let’s start talking about your real estate goals and how we can get you moving closer to them!



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