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Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Team

In the past couple of decades, real estate teams have been introduced to the scene and have provided an alternative to traditional agents who work individually . Though some people consider using these individual agents, working with a team could provide you with a better home buying/selling experience.  Here are three of the major benefits of working with a real estate team:

  1. Collaboration. Many real estate teams consist of dedicated professionals who work together to find buyers the perfect property and aid sellers with marketing and selling their homes.  Agents need to be able to keep up with ever-changing Federal and State rules and regulations, adapt to shifts in the market, find online tools to market your house, and c
    overing the legal bases. All of these tasks, along with focusing on the individual needs of clients, can be overwhelming for independent agents. The collaborative structure of a real estate team allows realtors to work with others to accomplish your goals. They are able to put our heads together, create the best strategies for marketing sellers homes, and find the perfect listings for buyers.
  2. Specialization. A real estate team has multiple members who all have different roles and responsibilities. Each agent has their own strengths and are all able to use their knowledge of our particular area to increase the productivity and credibility of their team. Often, real estate teams consist of buyer’s agents, who focus on the needs of homebuyers, listing agents, who work with clients wishing to sell their homes, and agents who work on the operations and promotion of the company (like office managers, transaction coordinators, and marketing specialists). Because of this specialization, you will be able to work with an agent who will meet your particular needs.
  3. Efficiency. Because there are a number of members on a real estate team who specialize in different areas, they can work with multiple clients.  Less time is wasted between juggling each client’s needs and maintaining organization within the company. The structure of a team allows agents to fill in for each other and for the team to be multiple places at once. This also allows the clients to work one-on-one with different team members at each stage of the buying/selling
    process. Each team member is then able to be hyper focused on the needs of the client and spend more time with individual home buyers and sellers. As a bonus, real estate teams could offer you efficient services at the same price as traditional agents

If you would like to know more about the benefits of working with a real estate team or need help buying or selling your home in Colorado, contact The Scott Futa Home Team at or 303-225-2707The Scott Futa Home Team

Written by Anna Linenberger, Scott Futa Home Team Intern

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